What does Q say?

Q is NGP Capital’s AI platform powering market discovery and automating workflow. Below are some guidelines for how you should form your messaging and visual communication to sound and look like Q.

There are Emerald, Black, and White versions of the logotype for digital and printed media usage.

Logo usage

Q logo usage with NGP Capital logotype

NGP Capital is the signatory in Q materials. NGP Capital primary logo can be added to the layout when we want to emphasise the ownership. For example in a brochure the NGP Capital logo can be placed in the back cover.
It is unnecessary to add NGP Capital primary logo in cases, where it's signatory role is clear, for example when Q is mentioned in digital channels owned by NGP Capital.
Instructions of logo usage. Below is an example of logo usage in an article page. You can download the Logotype banner with the slogan in web size format from the download link below.
Do not place the emerald logotype version over other background colours than white. If in doubt, use either white or black versions of the logotype or contact Agency Leroy or Annika Sjöberg.

Do not use any logos or imagery to represent Q other than what is found in this brand book.

Avoid all alterations of the logotype. This includes rewriting or replacement of the logotype, usage of other colours than emerald, black or white.

Do not add special effects to the logotype including drop-shadows and other effects. Do not overprint or obstruct any part of the logotype.

Do not use old versions of the Q logotype.
Use the emerald version of Q’s logo on a white background when possible.

When using the Q logo on any other background colour, use either the  black or white logotype versions.

Please leave sufficient white space around the logo. Always maintain at least a safety space between elements when using the Q logotype with other logos or other graphic elements. Adequate safety area equals the width of the block of the Q logotype.

Make sure that the logo is clearly visible when placed on a coloured background or on top of an image.

Always ensure you have the most recent version of the logotype in use.

Messaging hierarchy

Short description
NGP Capital’s AI platform driving company and market discovery
Long description
What does Q say? Q, our predictive AI platform, makes us better and more efficient investors. Q operates at the very core of NGP Capital by automating our global investment workflow. It can scan, rank, and quantify 500,000 companies based on more than 200 different growth indicators. With Q, we surface the most promising companies in real time,reduce decision making bias,and monitor market developments.
Beyond data